Deer Control

Are deer and rabbits destroying your flowers, vegetables, and lawn? We can provide you with environmentally safe and effective methods of deer control.

You will find our deer control spray to be:

  • Effective: Our repellents work on an odor that animals find offensive, leaving plants intact.
  • Reliable: Our product trains animals to avoid the treated area.
  • Environmentally Safe: Werner's deer control spray contain only non-toxic ingredients and are biodegradable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it really work?

A: Yes, it really works.
Werner Landscape utilizes a deer-control spray that are a GUARANTEED solution for repelling deer and rabbits.

Q: What animals does Werner's deer control spray work on?

A: Werner Landscape's deer control spray is designed and guaranteed to repel deer and rabbits. It keeps them from destroying valuable landscaping, gardens, vines, orchards, etc. We have also received positive feedback from users as to the effectiveness of Deer Control against other herbivores.

Q: How often will I need Werner's deer control spray?

A: Once a month under normal conditions to maintain proper protection. If deer and rabbit pressure is intense, you may want to step up the applications as needed for your situation.

Q: If it rains, do I need to reapply Werner's deer control spray?

A: Werner's deer control spray is designed to withstand about 1" of rain per week over a three to four week period. If rainfall exceeds that amount, you should reapply once the plants have dried.

Q: Is Werner's deer control spray safe for humans, animals, and my pets?

A: Yes. Werner's deer control spray is an all-natural product. It will not cause harm to people or animals.

Q: Will Werner's deer control spray harm my plants and vegetation?

A: No. Werner's deer control spray can be applied to even the most delicate of flowers.

Q: Do I use Werner's deer control spray all year long?

A: Yes. Since it is an odor-based product, the spray effectively continues to "train" deer and rabbits to avoid your plants and garden areas through the colder months when plants are dormant. Deer are creatures of habit and will travel the same paths every day, they will soon learn that your area does not contain any edible vegetation and begin to seek other areas for food.

Q: Does Werner's deer control spray have a strong odor?

A: When first applied, you will notice a strog odor, but this quickly dissipates as it dries. However, even after the spray dries, the odor is noticeable to deer and rabbits long after its application.

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